Vernissage: Neil Enggist «I am the mountain»

18:30 Uhr Apéro und Q&A
mit Musik von Famous October

Neil Enggist «I am the mountain»

Die ausgestellten Malereien Neil Enggist sind durch Begegnungen zwischen Berg und Mensch in den unterschiedlichsten Regionen der Welt, wie Californien, Italien, China und auch der Schweiz entstanden.

«Years of traveling and painting, compelled to walk amongst many mountains, I have noticed the things that have shaped the peak have shaped me. Rivers, ice, time, immemorial storms, fire, glacial wanderings, tectonic meetings, erosion, wind, sudden explosions, cosmic impacts, avalanche, flowers growing.

The paintings are born from the same forces, as if the mountain is painting itself and the painter is an envoy of color. The color is the emotion of spirit, where we meet. I begin to remember where I came from, why I am here, what I can still do. Thoughts, breaths, emotions and visions become purified and unified into a Great Vision and coming down the mountain I am never the same.” – Neil Enggist


  • Datum: 28. April 2023
  • Zeit: 18:30 Uhr



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